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How can I further personalize my child’s Tote & Go Laptop?

You can choose music, e-cards, or stories that feature your child’s name by doing the following:

1. Story Time
From the Tote & Go Laptop page on the Learning Lodge, select the “Story Time” button. From there you can choose from a variety of fun stories to download. If you have already personalized your child’s name, their name will appear in the stories you download!

Select one story at a time from the list and click the “Transfer” button to download the story to the Tote & Go Laptop.

2. E-Cards
From the Tote & Go Laptop page on the Learning Lodge select the “E-Card” button.

Select the subject of the e-card you wish to send from the top of the page and choose who the card is from. Then click “Next.”

You can search for a name by beginning letter, gender, or by typing it into the search engine and clicking “Search”.

From this final page, you can review your selections, and change them simply by clicking “Change.”

Finally, click the “Transfer” button at the bottom to transfer your downloads to your Tote & Go Laptop.

3. Music Party
From the Tote & Go Laptop page on the Learning Lodge select the “Music Party” button to select from twenty different downloadable songs.

Next, you can select up to ten songs by clicking the small “+” button shown next to the song you wish to add. Click the “x” button to remove any unwanted selection that appears on the right. Finally, select the “Transfer” button to download your music to your child’s Tote & Go Laptop.

4. Picture Dictionary
We have provided different vocabulary packs for you to choose from and download by selecting the “Picture Dictionary” button.

Choose and preview a vocabulary pack by selecting it from the list on the left-hand side of the page. Once you’ve selected one, click “Transfer.”

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  • 15-Nov-2022