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What downloadable content can I get on the Learning Lodge?

There is a variety of content you can download from the Learning Lodge. Please see below to find out what is available for your product(s):

InnoTab, InnoTab 2, and InnoTab:
Download e-books, learning games, and learning apps. Use the Learning Lodge to transfer over your own JPEG photos, MJPEG videos, and MP3 music; or download free desktop menu themes.

Download e-books and free desktop menu themes. For the newest version of the V.Reader, use the Learning Lodge to transfer over your own JPEG photos and MJPEG videos.

Download learning games.

Tote & Go Laptop (Web Connected):
Download additional free content such as user name audio, stories for the Story Time activity, e-cards, new vocabulary words/pictures for games, and background music melodies.

ABC Learning Classroom:
Download free content to personalize your toy such as user name audio and “favorites” lists (i.e. Animals, Foods, Sports, Seasons/Holidays).

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  • 09-Sep-2022